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Analysis of Organismal Form

An introduction to morphometrics, delivered as a Web-based course

31 October 9 December 2022

Instructor: Chris Klingenberg


Morphometrics is a rapidly growing field. Quantitative analyses of the size and shape of organisms or their parts are more and more widely used in biological and medical research. Applications of morphometrics address diverse questions in many areas such as evolutionary and developmental biology, ecology, palaeontology, and systematics. Morphometric studies have been conducted in animals, including humans, plants and protists.

This course provides an introduction to geometric morphometrics and its applications. It is delivered via the Web to make it accessible to participants from around the world.

The course is equivalent to 18 lectures, some exercises for practicing the techniques on actual data, and discussion via the course bulletin board and other interactive tools. The practical component is an integral component of the course. There will be examples of data analyses -- the course will provide the data sets used and directions on how to perform the analyses using the MorphoJ software (participants can use other software if they prefer).

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This year's course will start on 31 October 2022.