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Downloads for old versions of MorphoJ

The links below provide installer programs and web pages with installation instructions for older versions of MorphoJ that were distributed as Java applications requiring an external runtime environment. You therefore will require a Oracle Java Runtime Environment (minimum Version 8.0) for your operating system, which is available for free from as well as from other sources (e.g.

For each operating system, there are two types of installer: a standard installer, which is self-contained and provides the complete software, and a web installer, which is smaller and will download the required files in three separate parcels from the MorphoJ web site during installation. This installer can only be used for computers that are connected to the internet during the installation process. It is recommended for users whose internet connection does not allow files of about 36MB to be downloaded. Other users should download the standard installer.

The use of both types of installer is very similar.

Standard installer

Web installer
Installation instructions
(web page)